Living in Windham County for over 20 years, I am now serving my 6th year and 4th term on the Brattleboro Selectboard, having held the positions of as Clerk, Vice-Chair, and finally Chair during the challenging year of 2020. I’ve also served multiple years on the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce Board, BCTV Board of Directors, and as a Town Meeting Member. In 2021 I was appointed by the Vermont Senate to serve on the Cannabis Control Board Advisory Committee as the designated representative for municipal interests. These opportunities have given me hands-on policymaking experience and the opportunity to work with and on behalf of the community from several critical perspectives.


In today’s tense political climate it’s often easier to score political points than it is to create sound policies, but the people of southern Vermont deserve a Senator who values action over rhetoric. I have a passion for good policy, and believe it’s time that we got back to the basics when it comes to serving Vermonters, which means listening to all sides, evaluating options, studying past policy mistakes and moving forward together.

The people of Brattleboro have watched me advocate for them throughout my 5 years on the Brattleboro Selectboard, and now I would like the chance to make real progress on issues at the county level that affect working Vermonters.   >>>

  • Increase the availability and quality of childcare, and support our teachers.
  • Increase our housing supply – adapt and reuse existing buildings and structures, and incentivize new construction.
  • Encourage more local control and hand back local tax funds to support local initiatives.
  • Find fiscally responsible ways for the government to assist and encourage, not hinder, local businesses and startups.
  • Provide incentives for entering the trades and building the workforce in Vermont.
  • Help ALL the people of Vermont further recover from the pandemic which has disrupted so many of our lives.




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